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Rentar’s patented technology
(27 domestic and international patents) has been verified by EPA and CARB recognized laboratories. Some noteworthy examples are Southwest Research Institute; the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, Virginia Tech University Olson Ecco-logic Emissions Laboratory and internationally by government recognized facilities in Italy, Venezuela and England.Fact Sheet-img1


On-road vehicles have achieved a 2% to 5% reduction in fuel consumption, up to 58.2% Particulate Matter, Greenhouse Gas and Soot reductions. Off-road vehicles achieve a 3% to 7% reduction in fuel consumption, with up to 51.6% Particulate Matter, Greenhouse Gas and Soot reduction. Furnaces / Boilers achieve a 7% to 30% fuel reduction with up to 50% Particulate Matter, Greenhouse Gas and Soot reductions.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is a cost effective means of managing fuel Fact Sheet-img2consumption and emission reduction. The cost of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst is typically recovered through fuel savings within 3 to 12 months. (ROI)

Fortune 500 companies and government agencies better manage Fact Sheet-img3their fuel consumption and emission control using the Rentar Fuel Catalyst. Applications include On-road, Off-road, Stationary Engines, Agriculture, Furnace/Boiler, Cell Towers, Commercial Marine, Power Generation and Railroad Locomotives

Some notable users of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst are the State of Fact Sheet-img4Delaware, the City of New York, Occidental Chemical, Exxon Mobil’s Monterey Mines, Toyota Motor Car Carriers, CEMEX Materials, Covanta Energy, Rogers Group and more than 250 furnaces in school districts throughout the Northeastern U.S.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is easy to install, has no moving parts, is warranted for 10 years and is a true catalyst and not a chemical fuel additive. The improved combustion produced by the use of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst results in a cleaner engine, lower maintenance cost and extended engine life.

For every 100 gallons of diesel fuel not burned, 1 metric ton of CO2 is not released into the atmosphere. For each metric ton of CO2 that is prevented from being emitted, one Carbon Credit is potentially generated. Rentar has created a division called Rentar Carbon, whose dedicated purpose is to utilize the deployment of The Rentar Fuel Catalyst as a means of developing Carbon projects which will successfully generate Carbon credits and initiate a new source of revenue for our clients. Additionally, our customers will be able to show they are good corporate citizens who are doing their part to help the environment.


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