Rentar Verification

factsThe Rentar® Fuel Catalyst, with its 28 patents and twelve year equipment experience, is a government proven pre-combustion contact catalyst. It is independently verified by EPA and CARB recognized laboratories to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gas, particulate matter, black smoke, cancer causing volatile organics and elemental/organic carbon.

Independently verified to do the following:

  • Reduce Engine Fuel Consumption 2% to 12%
  • Reduce Furnace Fuel Consumption 7% to 30%
  • Reduce Particulate Matter (PM) up to 58.2%
  • Reduce Nitrous Oxide (NOx) up to 19.2%
  • Reduce Opacity (Black Smoke) up to 44.8%
  • Reduce Volatile Organics up to 63%
  • Reduce Organic and Elemental Carbon up to 35%
  • Reduce Engine Maintenance and Extend Engine Life

Independently verified by the following:

  • Southwest Research Institute
  • U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground
  • Virginia Tech University
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center
  • CleanAir Engineering
  • Olson-ECOlogic Engine Emission Laboratory
  • ESDC- Locomotive Engine Systems Development
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Truesdail Laboratories, Inc.
  • STL Severn Trent Laboratory
  • Italian Ministry of Defense
  • England’s Millbrook Proving Ground, LTD


The Rentar® Fuel Catalyst is being used for On-road Transportation, Off-road Equipment, Mining, Agriculture, Power Generation, Buses, Furnace/Boilers, Commercial Marine and Locomotives.distributor


State of Delaware, CEMEX, Exxon Mobil’s Monterrey Mines, The Roger Group, Covanta Energy, Toyota Motors, , New York City Dept of Environment Protection, State of Missouri, New York City Board of Education and 250 New England Schools.

Cost Effective Solutions

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst has a guarantee policy of providing a ROI of 3 to 12 months, a 10 Year Warranty and features Easy Installation, No Maintenance, No Electrical Hook-up, No Additives, and No Magnets. Users become “Green” and may qualify to participate in Carbon Credits

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